Purer Three Peaks

Because of the potential pollution caused by motorised transport between each peak, more are turning to environmentally friendly versions of the National Three Peaks. This eliminated the primary inherent problem with the challenge, and adds an additional level of fitness required.

These purer versions require a significant level of fitness over that of the standard National Three Peaks, and cannot be attempted without long term organisation and training.

Cycling the three peaks

Considering the distance covered, and the endurance and organisation required, cycling the three peaks seems a popular topic.

In 2008, John McAvoy, Graeme Widdup and Nicholas Hudson set the record for their National Three Peaks Climb and Cycle. From a previous attempt in 2006 of 65 hours, including an overnight sleep, they set a target of 48 hours, aiming to go without sleep.

Following a quick climb of Ben Nevis, they set their sights on Seathwaite, arriving 18 hours later to climb Scafell Pike. They then continue on, and, after a quick 25 minute sleep stop, reach Pen-y-Pass in 16 hours. After changing, warming up and re-fuelling, they set off up to Pyg Track, reaching the peak at 8am and finishing at 9.30.

Their record: forty six and a half hours.

Their top tips!

  • If you must do it, preparation is everything
  • Make sure you’re fit enough. Try a 24hour challenge first
  • Know where you are going. We knew the mountains well and had checked all the bike route
  • Have a good support team
  • Eat a lot
  • Any completion is a great achievement. Sub 72 hours is impressive. Sub 60 hours amazing. Sub 48hours awesome. Less than 46 hour 30min – unbelievable so send us the details.

Running the three peaks

On August 9th, 1981, a team of five ran the entire route, including each peak, as a relay team. Following several months training, and organisation of local guides, motorbikes and mini-buses, the team ran an arduous 470 mile route through assorted terrain, from mountain tracks to city centres.

Their record of 54 hours, 39 minutes stands to this day.

Sailing the three peaks

All peaks are relatively accessible from the sea, making Sailing the Three Peaks a fantastic way to complete the Three Peaks Challenge.

Been involved?

If you've been involved in a pure version of the Three Peaks Challenge, whether as an individual or as a group, and whether running, cycling or otherwise, we'd love to hear from you about your experiences.