Three Peaks Yacht Race

As a rather move adventurous alternative to the National Three Peaks Challenge, and seen as a purer and more environmentally friendly version, the Three Peaks Yacht Race involves sailing from Fort William, to Whitehaven, and finishing at Barmouth - or the other way around.

This version of the Challenge in available in various forms, depending on whether you would prefer to take part in a large organised race, or organise your own.

The PowerBar Three Peaks Yacht Race

The PowerBar Three Peaks Yacht Race is the yearly, organised and regulated version - this also involves set team sizes of three sailors and two runners. Eighteen miles of cycling and seventy-two miles of running are required, as well as 389 miles of difficult coastal sailing, making this rather more strenuous than the typical National Three Peaks Challenge attempt. To take part you must register in time, bearing in mind that there is a maximum of twenty-five entries so you will need to be quick.

Yacht leaning over, with breaking water visible over the port side.
A fun days sailing on the South coast.

Three Peaks Yacht Race maps

It also should not be forgotten that it is perfectly possible to organise an individual Three Peaks Challenge attempt, outside of any organised race conditions, to raise money for charity. This would allow sailors to complete the Challenge in their chosen goal time, without the need to run seventy-two miles and cycle eighteen.

Anyone considering organising their own sea bound version of the National Three Peaks Challenge for environmental reasons should bear in mind that it is only within the capability of reasonably well experienced sailors. Alterations to the Three Peaks Yacht Race structure could include increased cycling distances, or perhaps using public transport.

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