Timing of the Three Peaks Yacht Race

Annual Timing

If organising an individual attempt, the same timing should be applied as to the National Three Peaks Challenge. The longer days and more sunlight the better, but bear in mind that the Institute of Fundraising asks participants to abide by the following three guidelines:

  • Avoid weekends
  • Avoid the period from late June to mid-July
  • Limit events to 200 participants

If participating in the PowerBar Three Peaks Yacht Race, be aware that they generally take place at the end of June.

The Yacht Race

Varying with the weather, the expected times of the route vary greatly but should be expected to be around two days twenty hours.

For example, in 2000 the race was completed by the winner in five days fourteen hours. While in 2002, the winning time was two days quicker at three days fourteen hours.