Timing of the Welsh 3000s

Given the level of difficulty of the Welsh 3000s, it is not typically seen as so much of a walking challenge as, say, the National Three Peaks. It is a large set up from this, in a similar way to stepping up from the Yorkshire Three Peaks, to the National version.

Depending on the level of the walkers, the Welsh 3000s can certainly be attempted in 24 hours, but many more experienced climbers would attempt it in 12 - given the close positioning of the peaks this is perfectly possible for an able hill runner, and perhaps for a fast hill walker.

Given the more unique nature of the Welsh 3000s the time limit is really down to the individual walker, as is the timing between peaks. Breaks can be taken along the route, and with appropriate organisation the walker could meet with a support vehicle en route to pick up food and drink, drop off equipment and pick up changes of clothes.