Good practice

When wild camping, it is important to consider your location and environment. Where ever you camp, you should leave the area as it was when you arrived. Be considerate, don't make too much noise, and don't camp on agricultural land. Set your tent up late, and leave early.



When wild camping, bivouac bags, or bivvy bags, are often popular. These provide a single walker with protection from the elements, within a lightweight outer shell. These vary in price, from £30 for a basic water proof shell, to over £200, which would include adiquate insulation for winter weather.

Similarly lightweight, bothy bags can provide emergency shelter for several walkers.

Sleeping bags

Of utmost importance, sleeping bags come in a range of specifications, targetted at everything from recreational Summer users, to Winter explorers. Because of this, costs vary greatly. The three bags below are an example of entry level sleeping bags, suitable for most purposes.

Camping organisations

The Camping and Caravanning Club offers a good website, including a database of campsites and events around the UK.

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