Three Peaks Future

Introducing the 'Three Peaks Future' Plan – our commitment to making our events more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, while reducing our carbon footprint and other impacts.

1. Sustainable Transportation:

a. Future-Ready Minibuses: Regular maintenance of our current fleet will ensure optimum fuel efficiency. We'll transition towards using eco-friendly vehicles, prioritising electric options.

b. Green Commutes: Our team will be encouraged to use public transport, cycling, or shared rides for commuting to work or events.

2. Low-Impact Participant Travel:

a. Public Transport Options: Detailed guides will be provided for accessing event locations using public transport.

b. Carbon Balancing: Participants will have the option to contribute to a voluntary carbon offset scheme during booking, helping to balance out emissions from their travel.

3. Responsible Operations:

a. Energy-Smart Equipment: For any power needs during events or office operations, we'll prioritise energy-efficient equipment and use.

b. Recycling: A comprehensive recycling system will be implemented for all events, aiming for zero waste to landfill.

4. Conscious Catering:

a. Local Love: Our catering will prioritise locally sourced products, reducing carbon emissions from long-distance transportation.

b. Plant-Powered Menus: We'll provide more plant-based food options, which have a lower carbon footprint than animal-based foods.

5. Offsetting Our Footprint:

a. Measurement: With outside assistance, we'll measure our carbon footprint to better understand our current position.

b. Growing Together: We'll invest in tree planting to help absorb CO2 that our events produce.

c. Clean Investments: A portion of our profits will be invested into renewable energy projects or certified carbon offset programs.

6. Protecting Mountain Ecosystems:

a. Limited Footprint: We'll ensure our events stick to defined paths and minimise off-path excursions to protect the mountain environment.

b. Considerate Tourism: We'll promote The Countryside Code, encouraging respect for the environment and local communities.

c. Group Size Control: We'll manage the size of groups to reduce erosion and minimise our impact on the local environment.

7. Educating for the Future:

a. Eco Learning: We'll use our platform to educate participants on sustainable practices and their role in maintaining a carbon-neutral and environmentally-friendly approach to exploration.

We're committed to transitioning our operations towards a more sustainable future, recognising the need to protect and preserve the beautiful areas where our events take place.

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