Register your Three Peaks Challenge

Challenge registration provides a great way to record and promote your challenge. It provides a dedicated page for your challenge, where you can introduce your group and your charity.

When you register, your challenge and fundraising efforts will be promoted on our websites, helping you raise awareness of your cause.

Following your challenge, your time can be recorded, and you'll receive our official certificates of completion.

Challenge registration includes:

  • Guidelines for organising a safe and responsible challenge
  • Our expert advice on organising your challenge
  • Promotion of your challenge
  • Awareness of your charity
  • Your challenge and your time recorded online
  • Certificates of completion

Registration costs £6 per person, including professionally produced certificates.

Register your challenge!

You can also register a past challenge which you have already completed, so your challenge can be recorded.

Upcoming challenges

If you represent a charity running a Three Peaks Challenge event, please get in touch to list your event for free.

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