Nutrition for walking and endurance challenges

So often neglected, well planned and appropriate nutrition for activities such as the National Three Peaks Challenge, or the Welsh 3000s, is very important.

Food and Energy

Typical meals when not on an all day exertion would be consumed once every five hours. Some of the more active and fitness inclined, tend to go for six smaller meals a day, totalling a greater number of calories and providing more energy.

Ideally while walking or climbing, a snack should be consumed every two hours of so. Snacks should be a mix of carbohydrates and protein, with a handful of nuts or seeds.

An ideal snack might include:

  • 25g of almonds
  • One boiled/poached egg
  • Brown bread chicken/turkey sandwich

Drink and Hydration

There is very little difference in performance depending on what is being drunk - most importantly, enough needs to be drunk. This means approximately one litre of water per two hours, or the equivalent

Many prefer for drink water rather than energy, sports or isotonic drinks - water comes the most recommended. As long as appropriate food is also being consumed, the sugar in other drinks is not required.

For practicality, hydration backpacks are highly recommended, as they leave your hands free for balance, and provide a quick source of hydration while you're on the move.

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