The Welsh 3000s

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More extreme than the National Three Peaks Challenge, the Welsh 3000s involves climbing all mountains in Wales over 3000 feet. Given the difficulty, the challenge is usually attempted over 24-hours, sometimes within 12-hours, and very occasionally even quicker!

Welsh 3000s Peaks

In order of height, the Welsh 3000s peaks are:

Mountain Height (feet) Height (metres)
Snowdon 3561 1085
Crib y Ddysgl 3493 1065
Carnedd Llywelyn 3485 1062
Carnedd Dafydd 3427 1044
Glyder Fawr 3279 999
Glyder Fach 3262 994
Pen yr Ole Wen 3211 979
Foel Grach 3196 974
Yr Elen 3152 961
Y Garn 3104 946
Foel Fras 3092 942
Elidir Fawr 3030 924
Crib Goch 3023 921
Tryfan 3010 917

Welsh 3000s Route

Below is the route of the Welsh 3000s. Bear in mind, this is a very approximate map, and depending on how you like to walk and climb it can be quite variable.

Simply, all peaks marked should be reached - although some would choose not to bother with Garnedd Uchaf, as it is little more than a bump on the ridge, but this really should be completed as well.

The Welsh 3000s route

Route Description

The walk should be started by camping at the top of Snowdon, and then starting with the dawn sunlight descend the Snowdon peak, via Garnedd Ugain and Crib Goch - a very exciting and potentially dangerous ridge walk.

From here you should descend to the left of Crib Goch towards the two campsites. At this point you can meet up with a support car and swap your larger pack for a small hydration pack, before heading to Nant Peris to climb Elidir Fawr, followed by Y Garn, the Glyders and Tryfan. Again at the end of this stretch, you can meet your support car, fill up with water and pick up more food.

This is then followed by the Carnedd walk, bagging Pen yr Ole Wen, Carnedd Dafydd, Yr Elen, Carnedd Llewelyn, Foel Grach, Garnedd Uchaf and Foel-fras - the Welsh 3000s Challenge is marked complete when you reach the marker on the peak of Foel-fras.

Welsh 3000s Map

OS Explorer OL17 for Snowdon

OS Explorer OL17 Map for Snowdon

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