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Here at Three Peaks, we have a strong environmental policy - minimising our environmental footprint by using more efficient vehicles, using reuseable and renewable products, and encouraging participants to minimise their environmental impacts when joining our events.

We happily promote companies with a similar ethos. The companies below offer bonuses when you are referred through our links - we'll also get a bonus for referring you.

Below are referral links, so we may receive a benefit by you following them to sign-up.

Octopus electricity and gas

100% green/renewable electricity and gas. Simple to switch, and you'll get £50 off your bill using our link. Businesses also welcome.

Go to Octopus


£5 off your first order! Brewdog plants a free for every multipack of beer sold, and takes twice as much carbon out of the atmosphere as they emit.

Go to Brewdog

Whogivesacrap toilet paper

It's just toilet paper but it's made of bamboo so it's more renewable! £5 off using our link. Subscriptions so you never forget.

Go to Whogivesacrap

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