Christmas and Birthday presents

Places on our challenge events are an ideal present for the adventurous, keen fitness enthusiasts and those with training goals!

To buy a place as a gift, please book in your own name through our website, and after you've presented the receipient with their place (gift cards available on request!) they can complete our participant form online to send us their details.

Availability for events shown on our website is updated live, and once you've paid a deposit the place on that event is confirmed.

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Athletic Ability

Purchasing a booking on one of our events as a gift, please carefully consider the athletic ability of the recipient.

In general, our most accessible events are the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge (£329, 17 miles in 14 hours walking time), or our Three Peaks Challenge in Three Days (£650, around six hours of walking per day, up to ten miles).

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge (£75 per person), and the National Three Peaks Challenge (£369 per person), are both of a similar level of athletic ability, both including walking 24 miles in around 12 hours. The Yorkshire Three Peaks is non-stop, and the National Three Peaks is divided by two driving sections.

Their Availability

We appreciate that it might be difficult to confirm the receipient's availability for an event. We can happily transfer bookings and deposits until two months before the event.

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