National Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland, often within 24 hours.

How to take part in the Three Peaks Challenge

You can take part in the Challenge in three ways — as a self-organised event, a professionally organised event, or as part of a charity-organised event. Self-organised events are often the cheapest way to take part, while many groups will benefit from the assistance provided by professional mountain guides.

Self-organised groups can optionally register their challenge, for guidance on organising a safe and responsible challenge.

The three peaks are:

It is a popular misconception that the three mountains in question are the three highest in Britain. Over one hundred peaks in Scotland are higher than Scafell Pike, and 56 higher than Snowdon.

National Three Peaks maps

Climbing times

Maximum climbing times are generally suggested as being around 4 hours for Snowdon, and 5 hours for Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike, but you should aim for a half hour or so under. In itself this time isn't unrealistic for most relatively fit people, but it's certainly not a gentle walk, and when three climbs are required within 24 hours the Challenge becomes more difficult, draining your energy and depriving you of sleep.

For more detailed information on each aspect of the challenge, please see the following sections:

In order to attempt the National Three Peaks Challenge safely, you must have an adequate level of fitness.