Holmbury Hill

Holmbury Hill is 261 metres above sea level (856ft), and is located directly west of Leith Hill

About Holmbury Hill

Holmbury Hill is a hill in Surrey, near Dorking, west of Holmbury St Mary, on the Greensand Ridge.

It's top can be reached on foot from Holmbury St Mary, through paths from the North through the 'Hurt Wood' (much more gentle than from the south), or from a National Trust car park to the west of the top. There are also several well-established paths that run around and across the top of the hill.

The area was famously home to Charles Darwin - it was here that Charles Darwin began his study of earthworms and soil nitrification which led him to develop his theory on evolution by natural selection.

The name Holmbury Hill is derived from the Saxon word "hulm" which means "hill". Holmbury Hill is owned by the National Trust, who also own Pitch Hill. The two are interconnected by a path that leads from one hill to the other.

The top of Holmbury Hill enjoys great views eastwards to Leith Hill, and clear views south towards Cranleigh and Ewhurst.

The Greensand Way passes over the top of Holmbury Hill, and continues along the ridge towards Leith Hill.

Holmbury Hill map

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