Frequently asked questions about the Welsh Three Peaks


  • What kit do I need for this event?

    Please see the event kit list for everything required, and please note the several mandatory items.

  • When do we sleep?!

    We have about four hours to rest and sleep during the early hours, in the minibus while travelling to the final climb. We finish around 7am on the Sunday in Cardiff so we suggest restful plans for the remainder of the day.

  • Is there any accommodation provided during the event?

    No accommodation is required during this event, but you may need to make arrangements for accommodation before we meet in Chester on the Saturday, or after we finish on Sunday, depending on your onward travel plans.

  • What food and drink is provided?

    Food provided includes things like sandwiches, bacon rolls, and soup. Water top-ups are provided each time we return to the vehicles. You may want to bring your preferred snacks to carry with you during the climbs (Kendell mint cake and sweets recommended).

  • Can I leave bags in the minibus while climbing?

    Yes, you're welcome to bring an overnight bag which we will store for you. Spare kit not required on the mountains can be stored in the minibus.


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