Snowdon Race

Snowdon International Race

The 2011 Snowdon Race will take place on July 23rd, starting at 2pm.

The Snowdon Race - or by it's official title, the Snowdon International Race - is an annual fell-running event, in which 500 participants race from Padarn Park in Llanberis, to the peak of Snowdon, and back again.

Not to be confused with the Snowdonia Marathon, which takes it's route in a circle around Snowdon, the Snowdon Race is 10 miles long, and is touted as one of Europe’s toughest endurance challenges. Very important locally, promoting Llanberis and the local area, and boosting tourism, the Snowdon Race is broadcast on Channel 4 Wales.

The Snowdon Race is now in it's 35th year, with both mens records held for 25 years.

  • Mens race - 1:02:29 - K STUART (1985)
  • Womens race - 1:12:48 - C GREENWOOD (1993)
  • Summit men - 39:47 - R BRYSON (1985)
  • Summit women - 47:07 - C GREENWOOD (1993)

In 1980 Llanberis twinned with Morbegno, creating a connection between the Snowdon Race and Italy's Trofeo Vanoni mountain race. The top few runners from the Snowdon Race are invited to compete in the Trofeo Vanoni each year.