Criticisms of the National Three Peaks Challenge

There are a number of direct criticisms concerning the National Three Peaks Challenge, many of which can be prevented with a bit of consideration and planning.

Lack of support for local businesses - While many participants will spend time in Fort William and Llanberis before and after their challenge, Wasdale Head can be seen to miss out somewhat on more regular trade. The growing popularity of the Three Peaks over three days helps this matter somewhat.

Large groups taking over mountain paths - Challenge groups should be kept to an appropriate size, to be considerate to others using the mountains.

Walkers not following mountain paths - You should follow proper paths throughout the challenge, to avoid damaging the mountain environment. Avoid walking on skree, loose falls of small rock often found on mountain sides, as this erodes quickly.

Reliance on mountain rescue - Groups should include members who are proficient in mountain navigation and safety. Where this is not the case, mountain leaders should be hired.

Littering - No litter should ever be left on the mountains. Limited rubbish can be left tidily in bins provided at each mountain's facilities, but large groups should take their rubbish with them.

Speeding - Driving over the speed limit to complete the challenge in time is cheating - you have to do a minimum of ten hours driving.

Noise - Be considerate towards local residents throughout the challenge, and keep noise to a minimum.

Pollution - Groups from the South of England attempting the challenge will travel nearly 1500 miles in total. Some purer challenges have been devised which largely avoid fuel-powered transport.

Know of any other preventable problems? Please let us know, whether you have been personally affected, or if an issue has come to your attention.

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